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Congratulations are in order for one of our esteemed Townsend Leather partners, Taslim!

Taslim has been studying and working hard in preparation of his recent US Citizen exam, and we are very proud to say he passed with flying colors!

townsend flag

Taslim joined team Townsend a couple years ago, coming to us from across the ocean with vast leather experience, education and passion.  He has quickly become a go-to person on our team for solutions and expertise.  Taslim is passionate about doing great work, doing it intelligently, and creating the best possible leather.  And he has been able to apply that passion for greatness and pursuit of knowledge to his studies of America.

Earlier last month Taslim was able to put his knowledge to the test and take the official United States of America Naturalization Citizenship Exam.  This is an in-depth and comprehensive exam of American politics, culture, history, and society – it is hard and it is likely many native-born citizens wouldn’t even be able to pass this test! (having to answer questions like, “How many amendments does the Constitution have?” and “The House of Representatives has how many voting members?” or even just “Name your U.S. Representative.” all without Google!) (Townsend Leather partners do know their US Rep though, Bill Owens at Townsend Leather).  But Taslim passed without any concern, he knows his stuff!

Taslim completed the test and was honored to participate in his official Oath Ceremony.  His words and feelings of that day are below…

Taslim oath


“It was a special day and moment for me when I was at my oath Ceremony, was feeling proud to be an American Citizen now.  For me it was a promise I made to be loyal and work hard to participate in economy/prosperity of my new land.  I have been asked several times after becoming citizen how I am feeling being born and raised in different country and living now in different one.  I always reply there are biological kids and adopted kids.  By knowing the biological parents you always praise that they gave you birth and brought you in this world at the other hand most important job is done by those who raised with care and given opportunity to grow up and become a successful person in society.  I think same way about my mother land and my new parent land.

At my Oath Ceremony I meet 50 more people who were invited for the ceremony to take oath, and they were from 15 different nationalities.  They were all happy and proud.  Their faces were telling me a story that we accomplished something really good.

I am very happy I am part of well organized and disciplined society, now I will travel and go everywhere with my new identity and by having my citizenship I will vote in election to participate in democratic process of land where I live & belong now.  Also happy that my next generations will have more opportunities for education and work to live and serve better.

I am very thankful to my lovely wife, and my Townsend family for supporting me, to achieve my destiny.




Taslim we are all very proud of you and your accomplishments
and very proud to have you on our team!