Townsend is Thankful!

We are so thankful this year and excitedly looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Since it has become an annual tradition around here, all the Townsend Partners took a moment out of their day – to list out a couple of the things they are Thankful for.

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This has been a truly amazing year at Townsend and one that has produced lots of thankful moments for all of us.

Talking with a few folks about thankful things, and some of the more significant moments throughout this year of many of our partners: losing loved ones, car crashes, dealing with sickness and disease, marriages, babies, new houses… (so much happens in a year!), it is humbling and nearly overwhelming to think of all the moments, things, and people to be thankful for.

Below of a listing of some of the things Townsend Partners are thankful for.  This is just a small sampling, the list could go on and on forever.

Speaking on behalf of everyone at Townsend, we are thankful for a successful year, having such a great place to come every day, and such a great team to work with.

Speaking personally, it is easy to see why this “thankful list” is so long and gets filled up so quickly.  The people here at Townsend are truly impressive folks.  Each one with their own passions and unique takes on life, but coming together each day to create something that is even greater than the sum of its great parts.

So without further ado, please take a moment to see some of the things Townsend Partners are thankful for in 2014.  The list is long, but funny and meaningful, so I think it will be time well spent.  If you have something you are thankful for, join in our conversation on Facebook.  Facebook/TownsendLeatherCompany



A close and caring family and great friends!

A great husband, who puts up with so much estrogen in one house.


A great job

A great job that allows me to be surrounded by great people.

A Heated Garage


A job I love

A job I love

A job I love


A job I really love!

A job that I enjoy!

A job that I love


A loving and supportive family.

A loving extended family

A new furnace


A new nephew coming

A rewarding career

A winning team – effort will get you a long ways.


A work family that inspires me to be a better leader and person

After years of thinking it is gross, my son telling me my beard looks cool

An amazing wife and son (and dog!)


An awesome husband

And a couple of days off!  Amongst many, many other things. 

And a warm home… just a few of many things I am thankful for!







Awesome co-workers and bosses

Awesome teammates both in and out of Townsend



Being able to feed my family.

Being able to have two jobs.


Being able to smile everyday.

Being healthy 18 years out after receiving a kidney/pancreas transplant!

Best Place to Work!


Bonus checks

Bosses who listen

Chili cook-offs






Coffee & white chocolate peppermint creamer

Cold beer

College basketball




Cookie bake-offs







Crisp Fresh Air



Dark Roast Coffee

Doin’ it To it

Dorothy Kucel


Dressing up for fun funny photos

Earning VIP status

Eddie Money


Energy saving light bulbs.

Excel 2013 and all the lessons on how to utilize it – tables, pivots, slicers, if statements…has made putting information together not only easy but fun!…and the data connections that put live info at your fingertips.







Family – no matter what size it is a blessing in disguise.

Family; whether it is blood Family, In-laws, or my Townsend Family.



Finally I am thankful that I survived the most challenging year of my career here at Townsend and any place else I have worked….




For 80’s music

For coffee in the morning.

For having a job that I love.


For having the opportunities I have.

For Health. It is amazing thing to wake up every morning. We take it for granted.

For living and being happy.


For loving family and friends, my Townsend leather family and for the hope of a wonderful new year in 2015.

For my children! That is number one!

For my daughters who are healthy and happy women.


For my dogs.

For my family, friends and the best job in the world!!!

For my family.


For my friends, music, wine and food, not necessarily in that order – it varies.

For my health.

For my husband.


For my wonderful family and special friends.

For new great projects.  For the people who made them possible and are delivering on them.  

For the year of 2014, life, health, and great partners.


For this beautiful earth we live on.

For waking up every morning and knowing that it is going to be a great day.

For Wolverine


Freihofer’s cookies






Fruit roll ups


Getting married


Going 200 days without an accident


Good Books

Good friends

Gram Dot


Gran Marnier

Great books



Halloween costume contests





Heating blankets



Hot Chocolate

Humor & laughter



Ice Cube gum

I’m most thankful for Grey Goose Vodka!!!

I’m thankful for my awesome job and wonderful family!







Jewel & Panda (my pets)



Learning from, and being led by, all those that have come before us





Love & support from family, friends, & strangers

Loyal friends



Marco The Terrier

Mentalist TV show coming back on end of month


Mine and my family’s health

Moisturizer to get me through the winter

My animals


My awesome position here @ Townsend Leather

My cozy, warm home

My daughter


My daughter.

My entire family

My family


My family (my new grandson)

My family, always having my back!

My friends


My goddaughter who is the most precious thing in this world!! <3

My health and the health of my friends and family

My home


My husband & son

My job, working for a striving company that cares about their employees

My new house!


My nieces and nephew

My son who has grown up to be such a considerate and caring young man!

My Team mates in the Sample Dept.


My thoughtful significant other that does the laundry and makes dinner during the week.

My wife

New kitchen


New opportunities

Opportunity to grow and learn in the work place.

Organic Fair Trade French Roast Coffee


Our company’s continued success and spirit!

Our dog

Our new home


Pat Benetar

People I like working with each day

People who Get Shit Done!


People who take work seriously but don’t act like it all the time

People who wash their hands

Perfection- often worked toward, rarely achieved







Raising money for Partners in need

Red Kucel


Redcat ;)


Seeing how happy a customer gets when talking in-person to a Townsend rep


Seymour the Fish






Snow melting and going away


Snow tires

Steady work.

Steel Panther


Still having my parents in my life <3

Strength & determination to start running 5K’s

Strong leadership


Stuffing and gravy


Suppliers doing a dang good job


Support and Guidance.

Taco Bell coming to Johnstown

Taylor Swift




Terry and Barb Kucel


Thankful Partners

That the skunk smell is almost out of my house!

The ‘Townsend Family’


The founders of Townsend

The generosity in the workplace. it is truly touching to see the amount of people donating to scratch off baskets for our fellow partner during his time of need

The health and love of my children & wife along with the new journey I am on here at TL.


The health of my parents

The Kucel Family – and families that came from it

The New York Giants (maybe next year)


Top Work Place

Townsend being named Best Place to Work 2014

Townsend being named Top Work Place 2014


Townsend Sales Reps

Townsend turning 45!




Twisted Tea




Warm hugs

Warm weather



Wine with laughs & story telling



This is not a marketing ploy, or a sales pitch – but there is no other way to say it, other than to say it – when it all comes down to it, the one thing Townsend Leather is most thankful for is YOU our Townsend Leather Customers, Partners, and Fans.

It is true.

Townsend loves working for our customers, we love creating new things, we love working hard getting our hands dirty, we love saving problems, being challenged, seeing smiles, hearing exclaims of delight, and getting customers just what they want.  Townsend has been recognized twice this year as being a truly great place to work.  Both of these awards were given because our people said they love it here.  You can’t really love a place, unless you love what they stand for, what they do, and who they do it for.  Luckily we work with some of the greatest reps and customers in the world, who are doing luxurious, incredible, beautiful things.  Customers that make positive change in the world and make everything look better while doing it.  Customers that love design and leather as much as we do.

So to you dear customers Partners, we sincerely THANK YOU.  Please keep making the world a lovely-ier, leathery-er, even-better-designed place and we will gladly support you along the way – with a smile on our face and solutions in our pocket.


This has been one hell of a year.  Customers, Vendors, Reps, Fans, Partners…Thanks for being a part of it.