Sofa with Beautiful Fabric and Leather Pairing

Townsend is lucky to have such interesting, excited, and vocal customers.  We are hearing all the time from satisfied designers.  We are proud to play a part in the final successful projects.  We don’t see as many photos, as we do compliments though, so it is always very exciting when we get to see images of the final projects.

The always wonderful and friendly Barbara at Zweig Decorating Ideas recently contacted us to let us know how pleased she was with her leather order.  But then up-ed the compliment by sending along some photos and letting us see it for ourselves.

 Pearlized Leather for Zweig Decorating (1)

We have talked about pairing of leather and fabric a few times before Custom Leather & Reason 17 and this sofa by Zweig is worthy of continuing that conversation.  The analogous color scheme of grays is brought to life with the variation of sheen and texture between Townsend’s Pearlized leather and the fabric.

Pearlized Leather for Zweig Decorating (3)

Pearlized Leather for Zweig Decorating (2)

Do you have photos of your projects?  Your designs?  Your use of leather?  Let us know, send your photos and project info to and you could featured on our website too!