Customization - Fabric to Leather

We get a lot of request for custom leather, color matched leather, and even personality matched leather and we are always delighted to fulfill those requests.

Recently we were given a couple inch rectangle of fabric and asked to match the blues and golds from the piece.

The craftsmen at Townsend were excited for the challenge.

Using our state-of-the-art color matching technology, paired with our experts keen eyes we were able to determine the specific color attributes of each desired color.

The customer was looking for leather to match 2 of the blues, the dark stripe in the center, and the gold tone of their fabric.  Thy had a particular embossing pattern in mind, but still wanted to leather to have a feeling that was similar to the stitching of the fabric.

So after the color matching process was complete, the look effects were created.

Each piece is hand rubbed to get the shading just right, to build the layers of color, and to apply the streaking/line effect.

After passing through so many expert hands and by so many expert minds, Townsend was able to provide a stunning set of leathers.