Nothing Beats Craftsmanship

Around Townsend, we have been talking a lot lately, about all the many reasons to love leather (but that of course, is the norm around here).  There are so many different reasons to love leather, but as we have been talking one point especially keeps coming up – Craftsmanship.

Vintage Leather

High quality leather lends itself so well to incredible craftsmanship.  A finished project is only as good as the materials that go into it, so to create something truly masterful, you have to start with masterfully created materials.

That is why we were so impressed with a couple of craftmanship-centric leather videos we recently came across.

The ever-stunning custom furniture house, Hancock & Moore, recently pushed out a video titled, In Vogue.  This is essentially a near 10 minute love letter to Leather.  The video does a fantastic job of expressing many of the feelings generated from the look, feel, and smell of leather.

Hancock and Moore, In Vogue, Love Letter to Leather Video

Hancock and Moore Video with Townsend Leather

If you love leather, you will want to watch this to hear the designers speak so eloquently, what we all are thinking.  And if you are still new to leather, you will want to watch to take a peak inside the mind of others and see what all the hubbub is about.

They do a fantastic job in this video expressing the benefits of leather, with some really stunning examples of their masterfully crafted furniture.  These are designers with vision and exacting standards and leather is the only material that, not only can meet those visions and standards, but can do it while exciting.

TL Townsend Leather Angel Collection Handbag

Another example of leather loving craftsmanship that we came across, had all the same depth of feeling and certainly explores the value and meaning of craftsmanship – but approaches with a strong sense of humor.  

The handbag company, Saddleback Leather Co. creates high quality rugged but beautiful handbags and leather goods.  When they realized their products were so popular and highly desired that they were being knocked-off by low quality fakes, the company decided to have a little bit of fun with a video.

SaddlebackLeather Bag

The video was featured on FastCompany, and shows the handbag designer and company CEO, talking into the camera directly to the people looking to knock-off his bags.  In doing so, he is able to clearly explain the high quality of real luxury leather.  Pointing out how much money can be saved on low quality leather or even vinyl, and explaining how the bag will look worse and won’t last long at all, but “you don’t care about that” he says semi-jokingly, helping to strongly make the case that high quality materials and attentive craftsmanship not only bring beauty to the pieces, but longevity and true value.

Saddleback Leather Explanation of Quality (How to Knock Off a Bag) Video

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