New in 2014

So much NEW in 2014!

Just a couple weeks in, and 2014 is already proving to be a positive and exciting year.  A Polar Vortex with sub-zero temperatures, award shows, BridgeGate… so much happening around the country, around the world, and especially at Townsend Leather.


We have just launched some truly impressive internal software, which brings in a lot of new abilities. This software will mean some changes for the way we do things in Townsend, but it mostly means even better service to you.  This is cutting edge technology with lots of improvements for how we track and push information internally.  We will now have even better ways to track your leather in and out of production, have more detailed account information, and all around make us more efficient and knowledgeable.

But boring ol’ software (even though it will make us vastly more effective and you even happier) isn’t the only NEW at Townsend.  (And it’s not boring at all actually, what with the vast amount of improvements, cool touch screen monitors, exciting new time savings, fun tips, lunch time meetings and so much more).

We have a bunch of exciting new products in the works, sure to please any design sensibility.  A sneak preview is shown below.  Utilizing our “ART & D” department we continue to push leather further, using production techniques and hands-on artistry that can’t be replicated.  We have been thoroughly researching design trends and are already producing leathers that will be trend setters themselves.

Happy, HealthyAt Townsend we are also focused on getting healthy, we have started a new Weight Loss Challenge, you can read about it on our News blog.  We have competing teams striving for even greater healthyness and a bunch of health supporting initiatives planned for this year.  As well as a calendar full of health workshops, presentations, and initiatives.  2014 will be a healthy year at Townsend!

We have been looking to the 2014 new trends in design and fashion already this year.

Here’s what we’re hearing so far for the trends outlook in 2014 for design, fashion, and interiors:

  • More of a move to using a dark neutral colored base.  Not white or beige, using dark colors influenced by blues and metals
  • Using often changing accents on top of the dark neutral base.  Pantone’s color of the year will be prominent as an accent color.  Accents will be switched out and movable/changeable
  • Metal will play a big influence, all metals, copper, silver, gold, but also the colors of steel and aluminum.  In backgrounds and accents, as features and support
  • A shift more towards Traditional style with an emphasis on heirloom pieces, hard to find pieces, and one-of-a-kind pieces.  moving more away from the Modern influence of the past couple years and looking back even further in time for inspiration.
  • Floral prints, from buds, to leafs, to flowers – floral prints can bring that Traditional influence to mind and be a strong compliment to the metallics
  • Navy Blue and similar shades will be the most popular color of the year
  • Using other patterns like stripes and corduroy looks will be common as well
  • Building off the heirloom and unique accents, Textiles As Art will become even more common, with vintage  or interesting leathers and fabrics used as featured pieces and showcased
  • And Hair-On leathers will play a key role in many designs this year

OrchidsBelow is a sneak peak of our Pantone Color of the Year inspired collection as well as some other exciting leathers that are just in the works now, including some really stunning new patterns.  Some of these patterns we even further enhanced with some proprietary one-of-a-kind techniques.  We also are working on some new “aged” leathers, that playfully and elegantly take some well known Townsend looks, and give them a “new/old” twist.

Samples of these leathers are not quite yet available, as these are each just in the development stage, but will soon be made widely available.  If you see something you love, let us know at or on our facebook page or contact to us if you have suggestions of some leathers you would like to see.

We are not even a month into 2014 and already all of this exciting new leather and fun happenings – 2014 is sure to be a healthy, productive, efficient, fun, exciting, and beautiful year!  We hope the same for you!


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