For the LOVE of Leather, Reason 6 - It's Environmental

another reason we LOVE leather.

Today’s reason,
“I love knowing I am making a sound choice for the environment.”


Townsend Leather is produced from cowhides that are sourced and tanned in Europe, then dyed & finished at our facility in the USA. Tanning converts cattle hides from an otherwise unusable byproduct of meat production into high-quality leather. This keeps hides out of the waste stream. The tanning process is tightly regulated in Europe to assure minimal impact on the environment.  The dyeing & finishing processes that convert the unadorned tanned hide into the beautiful colors and textures of Townsend Leather are also closely regulated in the US. Townsend employs no hazardous retanning chemicals and uses a complete water-based finishing system in all of its manufacturing. Townsend takes pride in our green efforts.

Not only is Townsend’s leather a sound choice for the environment, but Townsend as a company is a sound choice for the environment as well.  With our active Green Team always at the ready, (see Earth Week and Clean-Up Event), and our company-wide commitment to making the best environmental choices we can.  Striving to make a positive environmental impact.

Townsend’s “Green” Statement



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