Happy 4th of July! Proud to be Made in the USA

Once again Townsend Leather will shut down production for one week at the beginning of July.


For a countless number of years, Townsend Leather has taken the 4th of July week to catch up, clean up, and prepare for the second half of the year.  We also take this week off from manufacturing production as a way to celebrate, remember, and honor our independence and the greatness of our country.

Most of the company will be on vacation during the week (June 30 – July 4), getting much need rest, enjoying time with families, and getting out to explore the beauty of our local Adirondack mountains, which are especially wonderful this time of year.  However, Townsend’s Customer Service, Accounting, and Sample Department teams will be here next week, as will our maintenance crew, to keep things moving and to make sure things will go smoothly when we ramp back up on July 7th.

Everyone here at Townsend takes this time of celebration and national pride especially to heart.  We are proud to be Made in the USA.  Over the past few decades, manufacturing in the United States has undergone a massive change, outsourcing and decline.  So few products are actually made, built, manufactured, and crafted in the USA anymore that the ones of us that are left are quick to join together to shout our collective pride.

Fortunately, it looks like the times are changing yet again (as they always will) and many customers and companies are recognizing the need for the high quality and high value that can only come from more locally-produced materials.  We benefit from such a remarkable country where we are held to the highest of standards and regulations environmentally, with work conditions, quality claims and more, but still are offered an unparalleled independence and freedom to explore, research, and be creative.  All of which leads us to create the absolute best possible leather.

Our country, freedom, and history allow us to handcraft our leather with the wisdom of years and years of experience, along with the highest-caliber cutting-edge technology.

And so, we take 4th of July and celebrations of our country seriously, as it means much more than fireworks and hotdogs to us.
It means the ability to voice our opinions
It means having confidence in our leaders
It means freedom to try new things
It means certainty in our rights
It means the ability to challenge and question those rights
It means knowing where we stand and where we don’t
It means freedom to change our minds
It means independence from overbearing rule
It means creativity
It means self-expression
It means advancement
It means being cared for
It means caring for others
It means all men are created equal
It means remembering those that came before us
It means remembering what they gave so we could have more
It means learning from our history
It means looking toward a bright future
It means the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
It means everything that makes our country, our state, our county, our city, our work, our products, and our people great.

It means so much.
And that is why this 4th of July, we proudly celebrate our pride in being Made in the USA.

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