BiMonthly Bulletin - Leather Categories

BiMonthly Bulletin

Townsend Leather LOVES LEATHER, we love talking about it, using it, creating it, and educating on it.  We are on a continuous effort to help everyone understand the intricacies of leather and some of the finer details that can be hard to keep straight if you aren’t working with leather on a daily basis.

So, we have released a few Townsend Leather “bulletins”.  You can see the archives here on our Resources Page.  These Bulletins are meant to serve as easily-digestible leather factoid sheets.  Giving you a bit more information and detail on a specific aspects of leather.

Our most recent 2014 January/February Edition focuses on the topic of Categories of Leather.  This is a downloadable PDF with explanation on the different categories of Townsend Leather, it is chock full of links and info.

Because leather is a natural material, it has the potential to be produced into a multitude of final products with vastly different looks.  There are many different ways to process leather for different end results. At Townsend, we review each hide individually for its qualities, determine its grade, and then decide what end product each hide would make.

Most of Townsend’s leathers can be classified into just a small number of basic categories…READ MORE

Let us know if you have specific leather questions or suggestions for future bulletin topics.