The Beauty of Hair-On Hides - Product Spotlight

There is nothing quite like the statement made by a beautiful Hair-On hide.

Townsend offers a variety of hair-on options, and we felt it was time to give this stunning beauty a spotlight of it’s own.

Townsend Leather HairOn (21)

Hair-On hides bring a sense of warmth and unique beauty to any space.  They have the uncommon characteristic of being able to directly reference natural beauty, but also incorporate man-made colors and designs.

Townsend’s most popular hair-on product, our Toro Hair-On Cowhide, is aniline dyed in Italy and is soft and versatile, having been used on floors, pillows, footstools and chairs.  Your hand can’t help but be drawn to the luxurious feel and calming effect of hair-on hides.

Pearson used Townsend’s custom Hair-On hides to great effect in their 2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse.  The color scheme was chosen to  pop and draw your eyes in, which was accomplished with bright red hair-on hides.  Along with the contrast in textures, the pieces designed with Townsend’s hair-on really pulled everything together.  You can see the full post on the Quintessence Blog.

Hair-On hides are natural and each comes with its own unique characteristics.  Each one more beautiful than the next.  Below is a random sampling of just some of the hair-on leathers Townsend can provide.

Contact us at for more information on Hair-On hides or to request samples.  Since hair-on hides are natural, please be aware size, color, and availability will vary contact us to find solutions to any of your hair-on needs.

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