Veterans Day 2013

Townsend Leather is awestruck at the dedication, abilities, and service of our country’s Veterans, especially the military vets on our own staff, here at Townsend.

US Flag

These men and women are some of the most passionate and committed people out there.

We were able to take some time to celebrate our servicemen and share in their company and conversation.  With lots of stories and accounts of their time in service, ranging from arm wrestling and vampires, to religion and politics, we were all pleased to share this time with them.

With nearly all of the military branches represented (all except Coast Guard) we had plenty of laughs and heartfelt moments.

We invite you, no matter what day it is, to honor an American Veteran by sitting with them and listening to their stories and perspective.  You won’t regret it.  Having been world travelers, seeing the highs and lows of mankind, being privy to dramatic social and political changes over the years – Veterans are a group that clearly have something to say, and that something is valuable.

A few Veterans from Townsend Leather are pictured below, after our lunch with them.

These are strong men, with a depth of life experience that can not be rivaled.  They have clearly been positively influenced by their time serving our country and they are able to use that to in-turn positively influence everyone around them.  Working as a jet mechanic in Japan, helping children in the Philippines (and giving them candy), giving orders in Iraq, protecting your team, and spending countless hours with strong leadership, clear goals, and the heavy burden of protecting yourself and others – will certainly leave you with a formed perspective on life and wisdom to share.

Townsend Leather is extremely proud of our Veterans and we thank them for their service to our country and to Townsend Leather.

This Veterans Day and every day, we thank and salute you.