Black and White Trend for Spring 2013

It certainly doesn’t feel like one-day away from spring here in upstate New York,

Townsend Leather on Tuesday morning, the day before Spring

but still, we can’t help looking forward to spring and the coming trends.

This coming season we are expecting to see a big interest in Black & White schemes.  Solids, stripes, patterns all playing with black and white combos.

Often used with a bright accent, but using the black and white as a base strong enough to work on its own.

We’ve explored the influence of fashion on interiors before and we can expect that to really hold true this Spring.  Spring fashion this year will feature lots of black and white and that will in turn influence the rest of the design world.

Screenshot of Black and White search

With its timelessness and ability to be both modern and classic at the same time, its no surprise that Black and White schemes are becoming increasingly popular.

Aniline Gaufrage Black & White Palm Damask. Designer David Rance Interiors

A successful B&W scheme uses a balance of black to white, not ignoring the clarity of the white for the strength of the black and not subduing  the black as an accent to the striking white – but using both as backdrop and foreground equally to really play with the senses.

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