On behalf of all your fellow Townsend Leather Partners and your community, Thank You!  Thank you for taking a step toward health, science, and future.  The more we all get vaccinated, the more we all stay healthy.  

*UPDATED PROCESS*  Please go see Pam Goldswer and present your Vaccination card to her, so she can scan and save it in the secure personal system.  

When it has been a full two weeks since your last vaccination shot, you will no longer be required to wear a mask while at Townsend Leather.

But, please continue to do everything in your power to keep yourself and others healthy and safe. Follow every health and safety guideline of Townsend’s, the CDC, and NY State.

Following the guidance of the CDC, Townsend Leather Partners who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear a mask while at Townsend Leather, but all Partners are encouraged to. 

It is still smart and healthfully-minded to keep your distance when you can, wear a mask around others, wash your hands frequently, and keep your area clean. 

Thank you for being awesome! 
Townsend is currently at well over 75% Vaccinated!

The previous “Vaccination form” has been removed to improve our vaccination card record-keeping process.  Please now, visit Pam with your card to have it easily and quickly scanned.  

Doesn’t it feel awesome and make you proud and in awe, that science is so spectacular – that a safe and effective vaccination could be created and distributed in such an incredibly impressive timeline!?  We live in a time of impressive things and impressive people, thanks for being one.