A Favorite Thing:
I love working with literal family and then people who feel like family.
My favorite part of the job day to day lately has been seeing how many beautiful colors, patterns, and finishes we make which is really showcased when a designer gives us a theme to work off and then we can be creative pulling from our sample archives and sending an array of options that dazzle . . . and then hearing from the customer as they make their final selection and tell us what application they are going to use the leather for!  This never gets old as the possibilities are endless and I still thrill with every new order we get as that means our leather will be part of someone’s home, aircraft, or in a public space like a hotel lobby.

Something People Might Not Know About Me:
Something about me some people don’t yet know unless they travel with me is I love using time away from work to bond and create experiences whether that means I booked us seats at a show or I brought along a game to play or that I will make everyone go around in a circle and say something nice about the person to their right. I never want to pass up the chance to get to know people on a more personal level or create one of a kind memories together!

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