A Favorite Thing:
My favorite products are metallics, especially ones with a natural antique undertone like Regal and Stargazer.  With customer orders for colors and effects less sparkly in the past year and more subdued and contemporary by our customers – I gravitate towards very lightly finished natural grain leathers like Prana and Softina.  I love anytime customers veer out of the popular greys, creams, and grieges – I love vibrant, pretty colors with hospitality beginning to make a comeback I’m thrilled for an Antique Legends French Blue and Manchester Sangria Red coming though now!

Something People Might Not Know About Me:
A lot of people in the company know I help out in selecting orders, and customers that’s probably closely with me also know this – but throughout Covid I think many would be shocked to know how much of our orders I allocated while also overseeing production.

Started as a Townsend Partner in: