A Favorite Thing:
I am always amazed at how many beautiful products we make! There are so many fun colors and patterns! My favorite products would have to be the Shimmering Suedes/Cowhides. I love how they sparkle and how they can add a little flare to any project! Here is my personal pick!

The people I work with are my favorite part about working at Townsend! I love how everyone really comes together to help a Partner in need or to celebrate an accomplishment.

Something People Might Not Know About Me:
I enjoy gardening, cooking and shopping! I love my 2 cats, Sunday and Abby! My husband and I love to travel and see new places! I am slightly obsessed with British Period Dramas (Downton Abbey, Peaky Blinders, The English Game etc.) and reality TV shows.

Started as a Townsend Partner in: