Superior Rated Durability

Our leathers are hand-crafted to not only stand the test of time, but also meet the most stringent quality and durability standards. Townsend’s Superior Rated Durability leathers have grit, they have endurance, they have persistence & will continue to perform in nearly any upholstery application. These leathers have moxie. Just like your designs.

We recommend these products, that are carefully selected to be classified as Superior Durability Rated, for all high traffic and seating upholstery applications. At Townsend Leather, we are craftsmen and artisans of leather, not just distributors or marketers.  We believe in our product fully and in partnering with our customers to ensure they select leathers that are appropriate for their intended application and will perform to their expectations for these various applications. 

Leathers that are not currently classified as Superior Durability Rated can often have finishes or other processing added to reengineer them if applications are expected to be more demanding; just contact us for more information or questions!

See a selection of our highest performing Superior Rated Durability leathers