The shout out card is dead, long live the spotlight card!


We have a revised recognition program, we’ve gone from Shout Outs to SPOTLIGHTS! It is all a familiar process and similar cards, but new and improved.  Cards can be found all over the buildings. 
When you see a Townsend value in action, fill out the card, then both you and the person you saw will be entered to win prizes.  



Spotlight cards give anyone a chance to recognize Townsend’s values in action.  into

  1. When you see someone doing something great, grab a card, write your name and their name on it, checkmark the Townsend value they acted on and jot down a quick story of what they did
  2. High-five it into their hand and thank them for being awesome
  3. They turn the card into HR and both of your names get entered into a monthly raffle for a great prize.  

One of the interesting things about Townsend’s long-running recognition program is the many iterations it has gone through, constantly evolving and improving.  Ask a veteran Partner about First Downs and all the other versions, we have had through the years. Well, we are doing it again, continuously improving!  


Change is one of the defining elements of who we are at Townsend, change, growth, pushing for new – it helps keep things interesting it also helps us get ever closer to our goals and dreams.  So, we are moving to a revised program, we are saying goodbye, to Shout Outs and saying hello to Spotlights!  


In a lot of ways, this will all feel very familiar and easy, but there are some changes.  
One of the things that define who Townsend is and what we do is our partner-chosen partner-lived values: 
Communication, Ownership, Teamwork, Flexibility, Initiative, Learning, Care, and Grit.  

Our Spotlight card program gives us the chance to celebrate these values when we see them in action.  


So, just like you’ve all always done, keep your eyes and ears out for when your fellow Partners do something great, and when they do – grab a Spotlight card, check off the value you saw in action, and high-five it into their hand!  


One change is this focus on Townsend’s values, but the changes do not stop there.

Change two is, we know spotting awesome-in-action is just as valuable as the awesome act.  So, both names go on the card, you the spotlighter and the spotlighted, the giver and the receiver- both people deserve spotlighting and acknowledgment.  

Shining a light on greatness.  Bringing focus and brightness to who we are as a team together.  Townsend Partners are so great, that a spotlight reflects off of each individual and onto the people around them as well, the spotlighted and the spotlighter both get recognition.  


The Spotlight cardwith both the giver and receiver’s names on it, gets turned in to HR and then BOTH names are entered to win a great prize from a monthly raffle drawing.  


The prizes will be significant and useful to you.  


The more you put Townsend’s values into action, the more likely you will get Spotlighted.  
The more spotlight cards you drop off to HR, the more chances you have to win sweet sweet prizes.  
But also, the more you spot values in action, and the more you celebrate the awesomeness in the Partners around you, the more chances you get to win sweet sweet prizes too! 


When you give out a Spotlight Card, have the receiver hold the card over their head for a Workplace photo and let that spotlight shine down on them.  

  1. Values focused
  2. Equal reward for doing something great and for seeing something great
  3. Prizes with even more value
  4. Still simple, immediate, and meaningful 


If you have any questions or thoughts about our updated Recognition Program and these cool Spotlight Cards, please message Tricia Martin, Ashley Capobianco, Shawn Czadzeck, or Cindy Moyer.  


Small physical Spotlight Cards will be distributed throughout all the buildings.  See Ashley if you can not find them or need more.