With Townsend Leather, The Sky’s The Limit

With Townsend’s endless capabilities and passion for luxury, for your design dreams, the sky’s the limit.

Townsend Leather is passionate about leather, luxury, & design and is consistently inspired by the expansive worlds of each. This is why we are putting a spotlight on the luxurious handcrafted artistry of Damien Charles, Instagram.

For tangible luxury, design possibilities, and leather dreams – with Townsend Leather the sky’s the limit! https://ebace.aero/2024/ And it was all on display at the EBACE show in Geneva, Switzerland, May 28-30 in booth I44 where we put designers hands on tangible luxury with our new leathers, our in-stock options, and so much more. 

Damien is a luxury concept designer and artist, who brings VIP jets, cars, yachts… to life through pencil on paper. The attention to detail, the pursuit of unmatched quality, the feeling of real hands tirelessly crafting something beautiful, Damien’s work and Townsend’s were meant to meet.

A showcase of Damien’s artwork reprinted on Townsend Leather was on display at the EBACE show in Geneva this year, where viewers got to see first-hand the luxury, the craft, and the artistry of these two worlds combined, a true demonstration of “the sky’s the limit” ideals for design and craft.

48-year-old French designer, Damien Charles, lives near Paris and has been working in the luxury sector for over 20 years. Specifically in the field of business jets, VIP helicopters, yachts, watches, etc. Long time work at the Alberto Pinto Paris architecture agency, in the ‘business aviation’ department, with Yves Pickardt as project manager lead to to working in interior design for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Gulfstream.

Damien says, “My job as a designer and illustrator always pushes me to do better, to strive for excellence, to add value to the product, to create a real identity, and bring my own personality to each project. I have a passion for beautiful machines, cars, motorbikes, aeroplanes, and all kinds of vehicles, even the most unexpected. My passion for these beautiful machines even extends to work for the specialist press and I frequently produce all kinds of communication media for events dedicated to vehicles.”

In this modern day of automated… programmed… AI… to see a craftsperson working with their hands is special. To see the mastery of it in action, is truly unique. Damien does nearly all of his illustrations with ballpoint pens. Manual drawing, pen to paper, one of the purest paths of passion into something tangible, of taking that ‘sky’s the limit’ attitude – the blank page freedom of just a pen and paper – and using honed skills to create something luxurious and beautiful and lasting.

Come visit us and you can see Damien’s creations at Townsend Leather, recreated as leather digital print pieces.

Or you can see Damien online at:

Instagram : @damiencharles75 , @dubai_to_cannes 

Linkedln : Damien Charles

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With Townsend, Luxury is Tangible. 

The sky is intangible but represents the limitless opportunities of design at Townsend Leather. 

This year, we want to support you as you design with passion. 

When you reach for luxury in your designs, we want you to feel it, to know luxury with Townsend Leather is tangible. It is something you can put your hands on and feel.


The sky’s the limit.