With Townsend Leather, The Sky’s The Limit

With Townsend’s endless capabilities and passion for luxury, for your design dreams, the sky’s the limit.

Townsend Leather is passionate about leather, luxury, & design and is consistently inspired by the expansive worlds of each. This is why we are putting a spotlight on the luxurious handcrafted artistry of Damien Charles, Instagram.

Damien is a luxury concept designer and artist, who brings VIP jets, cars, yachts… to life through pencil on paper. The attention to detail, the pursuit of unmatched quality, the feeling of real hands tirelessly crafting something beautiful, Damien’s work and Townsend’s were meant to meet.

A showcase of Damien’s artwork reprinted on Townsend Leather will be on display at the EBACE show in Geneva this year, where viewers will get to see first-hand the luxury, the craft, and the artistry of these two worlds combined, a true demonstration of “the sky’s the limit” ideals for design and craft.

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With Townsend, Luxury is Tangible.  The sky is intangible but represents the limitless opportunities of design at Townsend Leather. This year, we want to support you as you design with passion. When you reach for luxury in your designs, we want you to feel it, to know luxury with Townsend Leather is tangible. It is something you can put your hands on and feel.