Add a touch of serene to your day…

Like a sunrise over the ocean, the comforting velvet-like suede nap of Townsend Leather’s Impressions II Nubuck Cowhide, hand-tipped in tonal or metallic pigments, provides a sense of calm balance and peace to your design. 

Our Impressions II brings a calming serenity to your design, our In-Stock options can bring a calming serenity to your desk and workday!  

Remove any anxiety you might have about rush orders, fast-approaching deadlines, or anxious clients – we have 100s of the most popular and most beautiful leathers in the world on-hand and ready to ship to you.  

We want to help you find a touch of serene today, so grab a hot drink, put your feet up and take a 1-minute calming breather with our serenity “video”.  Inspired by the warm comforting nap of Nubuck Impressions II we want you to feel the ease of an ocean sunrise while the waves tickle your toes…

Let the sense of calm ocean waves soothe your soul, the feel of a velvet-like nap from Impression II soothe your hands, and the ready-to-ship perfect solution hides of Townsend Leather’s In-Stock options soothe your mind.

When you are coming back from your 1-minute ocean getaway, we want to keep that sense of calm for you, by ensuring you can get the leather you need, when you need it.  

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