Enjoy your flowers!

Thank you for being a Townsend fan and scanning the QR code to find out more. Your “When it matters” Townsend fact card is printed on plantable seed paper! This means your card can go from your hand to your garden.

When you are done learning from the card, scanning the codes, making notes, and emailing with any follow-up questions or comments, then you can stick it in the ground and watch beautiful things grow!

When you are ready to plant your Townsend seed car, simply put it under 1/8 inch of soil and keep it wet.

Don’t let the water puddle or pool, just wet.

Give your planted seed card plenty of sun and in just a couple week’s time you will have beautiful wildflowers growing right from these beautiful Townsend Leather facts.

When your flowers bloom send us a pic on instagram @townsendleather or email us at