For The Love Of Leather

Townsend Leather Love On Repeat

Love on repeat…

Whether it’s a love of design, a love of leather, a love of pattern, a love of your work, a love of someone else, a love of anything…
we hope this valentine’s day, you fall into an endless love loop, give and get that love on repeat.

Love, love completely, then do it again. 

Get more samples and details of the eye-catching, heart-melting design possibilities of Digitally Printed Cowhide:

Get inspired to add some love to your designs with these leathers:

Feeling the love with Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta?  Get your hands on a freshly crafted Townsend Leather Digitally Printed Cowhide sample inspired by the color of the year and start imagining all the ways you can print an impression with your design and Townsend Leather.