Townsend Leather Learning Video Series

These videos give you detailed work instructions on some of our hard-earned tribal knowledge.  Townsend has been making the world’s greatest leather for seats and feets since 1969, and some of our Partners have been here for 40+ years.  We have hundreds of years of leather experience and hands-on knowledge in our team.  These videos are some windows into the bits and pieces that keep everything moving at its best and can serve as first-time training resources as well as reminders or refreshers for anyone in the company.

The videos are meant to be informative, detailed, and comprehensive for the task it shows.  But they are not a replacement for hands-on work, repeated training, and of course in-person conversations.  If you have any questions about anything in the video, in the process, or when you are doing the work yourself – please ask.  Do not rely fully on the video as the be-all and end-all for this information.  Anything we learn can still be enhanced and built on.  Continuous improvement is our goal, use the video to get an understanding and get you properly set up, but use your own mind, your questions, the people around you, and your dedicated time to become an expert at the task.

For questions about our videos, or suggestions or edits, or improvements, please talk to Anthony Smida and Eric Martin.

If there are any terms that you do not know, you can check our leather Glossary  for information.


  • VIDEO # B1.0:  Changing the Buffing Paper

    • Published Feb 2023, Eric M, Anthony S, Ed B Jr
  • VIDEO # B2.0: Replacing the Buffing Paper

    • Video coming soon
  • VIDEO # B3.0: Feeding & Taking Off

    • Published Feb 2023: Anthony S & Eric M
  • VIDEO # B.4: Roll Grinding

    • Published Feb 2023: Anthony S & Eric M


  • For learning reasons, it can be helpful to see machines running in other places outside of Townsend, to compare and contrast, so you may find it helpful to watch this video as well: