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Townsend Leather is currently renovating the former Diana Knitting Mill, on the corner of North Perry and Grove Street in Johnstown, NY.  We now lovingly call this building, The Stitch, as a nod to the building’s history and symbolically as a “stitching together” our past, future, history, and dreams.  But, we need your help, to truly connect with the past, history, stories, and memories. 

We are looking to collect any and all photos, newspaper clippings, Diana Knitting Mill products, tools… or even just stories, memories, connections.  We want to hear from the people that used to work here, or had family here, or have stories from “back when”. 

This September, Townsend Leather will be celebrating our 50th anniversary!  Founded in 1969 as a part of the Glove Cities since the beginning, we will be hosting an invite-only jubilee to celebrate 50 years of leather, to thank our incredible Glove Cities community, and especially to present the official grand opening of the newly restored building, The Stitch. 

As part of our jubilee and celebrating both Townsend history and the history of The Diana Knitting Mill building, we want to showcase as many old photos, stories, and anything we can – to help deepen the experience of how far the building has come and all the history it has to build upon for a bright future. 

So, please, spread the word to anyone you know that might have Diana Knitting Mill / “North Perry + Grove” photos, or stuff, or stories, or memories.  We would love to hear memories and see anything you can share with us. 

Diana Knitting Mill Photos and Stories

Collecting your stories and photos of the old Diana Knitting Mill at Grove Street and North Perry in Johnstown, NY.

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    • Let us know if you would like to schedule a tour of the building and relive some old memories. Or if you would like an invite to our Jubilee. Or just want to come and share your stories and memories in person. Write out your thoughts here, and we will get back to you to see how we can accommodate you.