Jared & Tattoos

Just a little bit of the #tatitude from our day…

An emblem of gratitude.  

That’s why. 

That is why we are doing this.  In some ways maybe this all sounds strange… our company President is in a car accident, so we all respond by wearing temporary tattoos, even when he is already back to work. But, that’s not really what this is about.  

This isn’t really even about the accident.  This is about recognizing the value of a moment.  This is about taking a moment to act on thoughts and feelings and not waiting until something happens again to express what you are thinking.  Sometimes it takes a big event to crystallize our thoughts and feelings.  When Jared was hit head-on by another vehicle, it was a moment.  We are not doing these tattoos because he got in an accident, we are doing it because Jared is deserving of a big, fun, meaningful action from this team anyway, every day.  The accident was a crystallizing moment, a time where we could clearly look and say, let’s do something, let’s express something. 

And so, together, we express our gratitude.  

By way of self-expression, by way of silly little drawings and pictures, by way of emblems worn on our own skin, pressed there by our own hand… we express our gratitude for Jared, for Sarah, for this Townsend Family that we all are, together.  

Jared spends countless hours reaching out to each of us, thinking about us, making sure our future is secured, and doing everything in his power to keep us all happy.  Our simple act of wearing temporary tattoos and flooding him with photos of our smiling faces and tattooed arms this Thursday will be just a small gesture to let him know we feel his actions, we want to give a little back, and we are grateful for him.  

Tim Beckett inspired this team-act of ours.  In thinking about Jared and a way that we could create an emblem of gratitude, Tim pointed out “that dude loves temporary tattoos!

So, it was an obvious choice.  Taking something Jared loves and turning it into a shared-statement from us to him.  Jared is someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, this is us literally wearing feelings on our sleeves as sleeves of tattoos.  

On top of this emblem of gratitude from us to Jared, we also get to embed a sense of gratitude to all of our fellow Townsend Partners.  Each tattoo that is purchased means one more dollar into our Hides of Hope “bank”.  We use this bank to help support Partners in need in times of hardship and to celebrate with Partners in times of greatness.  Jared will love to know that our emblem of gratitude to him, is also an act of care for each other.  

So, this Thursday – you can proudly wear your favorite Townsend or Marvel-themed t-shirt, show off your arms, and cover yourself in emblems of gratitude, for Jared and for your fellow Partners.  




Bring your dollar bills on FEBRUARY 17th! 
Wear a Townsend or Marvel t-shirt on February 17th!
Our tattoos-for-Jared-day will be February 17th!
Tattoos will be sold and worn on February 17th! 

Thursday, February 17th, will be our Tattoo day!  We will sell, wear, and photograph tattoos throughout that day.  Please wear a t-shirt and bring dollar bills to be prepared for that day!

Tattoos have arrived.  We have a big pile of Townsendy Tattoos and a big pile of just random fun tattoos, including full-arm sleeve tattoos! 

On February 17th, we will travel around to sell Temporary Tattoos to all Partners.  Tattoos will sell for $1 per piece (what a “piece” is, is variable, but you can know, your dollar will certainly get something great). 

All of the money collected will go to our Hides of Hope fund.  So you can purchase these fun tidbits, knowing that your dollars are doing double good – they help fund our Partners-for-Partners fund and at the same time help share the love to Jared.  A fun thing for you, a meaningful thing for Jared, and a future support thing for all your Partners – a triple win!

There are Townsend themed tattoos.  
There are photoshopped, Jared as Marvel superhero tattoos (crafted by Megan Kucel).
There are some hand-drawn tattoos (drawn by Ashley Capobianco).
There are tattoos specifically requested by a handful of Partners.
There are random Marvel, Miami Dolphins, scenery, weird stuff, full-arm sleeve tattoos…
There are even tattoo Pens – SO CALLING ALL ARTISTS, you can draw your own temporary tattoo right on your skin!  

So many options.  You can get a whole collection.  

See you on Thurday, February 17th.  

Wear your favorite Marvel T-shirt as additional support for Jared.  If you don’t have a Marvel shirt, wear a Townsend Leather t-shirt!  T-shirts mean more arms, mean more tattoos, mean more fun!  


A bunch of tattoos have been ordered (examples of the ones being printed are below), thank you to everyone who suggested ideas or submitted artwork!  Megan Kucel photoshopped some very great Superhero tattoo images for us, some with Jared’s head on superhero bodies – so those will be very fun, thank you, Megan! 

When all the tattoos have arrived, I will come through Townsend to sell them to everyone.  When they have all been distributed, we will schedule a specific day for us all to wear them together and share photos and fun.  

I will let you know when the next steps are ready for action. 

Shhhh… We all love Jared and we want to be able to do something that shows our care, support, and action to help him heal.  We want him to know all the team here is continuing on positively and doing something that connects us all in a fun and meaningful way. 

This is a secret page for all Townsend Leather Partners, except JARED AND SARAH ECKLER!  You can share this page with customers, friends, family, any of the extended Townsend Leather Cinematic Universe… just not Jared :)  www.townsendleather.com/jared

It is still not fully clear, but it sounds like it might be a long road of healing ahead for Jared.  The crash was very severe, and even though Jared is essentially a real-life Marvel superhero who walked himself to the stretcher after his jeep got completely destroyed, he is going to need a long time of recovery.  

So, instead of flowers or a card, we thought it would be fun for us all to “get inked”

Jared loves temporary tattoos, he loves Townsend, and he loves when people come together to have fun – so we are going to combine those things with a Townsend Tattoo Party! 

All you have to do is purchase a Townsend Temporary Tattoo, then wear it on our Townsend Tattoo Day.  A few different styles will be available.  

Because Jared and Sarah are both so selfless, we know they won’t want to accept any gift or money and will just want to know that we are collectively taking action to keep our future bright, and help as many folks as possible, so all the money from the sale of these tattoos will go directly into our Hides of Hope fund.  

When the tattoos have all been printed and delivered and purchased, we will pass them out to everyone and take a moment to tat-up / put our tattoos on.  Then we will take a big fun pile of tatted-Townsend Partners photos and flood Jared with fun tattoo pics.  

We will try to keep all of this a secret from both Jared and Sarah until the day we can all wear our tattoos. 

We will also make a big pack of temporary tattoos to gift to Jared as well, so he will be able to join in the fun.  

This page and the Townsend Workplace Group will be updated with information on the Tattoo styles available, the cost, the planned tattoo party date, and any other details.  For any suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns please contact Shawn Czadzeck at shawnc@townsendleather.com