Care for Waxed or Pull-Up Leathers


Care for your WAXED OR OIL PULL-UP LEATHER by keeping it free of dust and direct sun, being mindful of the products you use on it, and following the guidelines here:

A Waxed leather is aniline-dyed leather that has a liquefied wax applied to the surface, which is burnished to produce a time-worn patina and a distressed look.

Similar to a Waxed leather, Oil Pull-Up leather develops a patina quickly.  It is easily identified as ‘pulling the leather’ results in a lightening of the original top color

  • Use deionized water, hard water may cause rings. 
  • Use Finished Leather Cleaner or deionized water, do not soak, and gently rub the affected area. 
  • Surface abrasions or color inconsistencies may be rectified by applying heat [hair drier] on a low setting and not directly on top of the leather.
  • Start at a distance and slowly get closer as you work with your hand in circular motion the abraded area. 
  • The wax melts and becomes even in color – once cool the surface will again develop a patina, as did the original. 
  • Application of Conditioner and Protector can help provide color constancy.

For more detailed information on care and cleaning of Waxed or Pull-Up Leathers see this guideline PDF:

For information on care and cleaning of all other leather types, see our general care page:

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