Care for Suede Leathers


Care for your SUEDE LEATHER by keeping it free of dust and direct sun, being mindful of the products you use on it, and following the guidelines here:

Suede leathers are aniline-dyed, soft cowhide split suede brushed to a luxurious nap. Suede is the lower split of the hide and is distinguished by the nap on both sides.

  • Brush and vacuum to remove topical soil.
  • Blot spills immediately with a soft, white absorbent cloth.
  • Stains may be buffed with an ultra-fine abrasive pad, using just enough pressure to remove the stain.
  • A soft bristle brush will help restore the soft suede or nubuck nap.
  • Because of its long nap, Suede is the most difficult to clean.
  • Application of conditioning oil may help even out color discrepancies that may develop over time.
  • The leather should be considered as aniline and cleaned in the same manner. 
  • It is very important to use deionized water as hard water containing minerals may cause rings.  
  • If the soil is water-based, dampen a cloth with water, do not soak, and gently rub the affected area feathering the edges. 
  • If the soil is oil or grease the first step is to use cornstarch as an absorbent.  Place directly over affected area and gently rub with finger until coagulates with the oil.

For more detailed information on care and cleaning of Suede Leathers see this guideline PDF:

For information on care and cleaning of all other leather types, see our general care page:

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