Care for Specialty Leathers


Care for your SPECIALTY LEATHER by keeping it free of dust and direct sun, being mindful of the products you use on it, and following the guidelines here:

Leathers such as wovens, quilted, laser etched, digitally printed or other specialty aniline leathers which receive different production processes or possess unique properties that should be treated as full aniline leather to prevent any damage.

  • Light vacuum, in the direction of the pattern or thread to remove excess dirt or debris.
  • Use a damp cloth with water only, to remove any more stubborn spills with light pressure.
  • Treat all specialty leathers as aniline leathers and clean accordingly.
  • Never use any alcohol or alcohol-based cleaners for Digitally Printed leather.
  • Take extra care when cleaning the thread of any quilted, woven, or embroidered leathers, threads can come loose and are not easily repaired.

For more detailed information on care and cleaning of Specialty Leathers see this guideline PDF:

For information on care and cleaning of all other leather types, see our general care page:

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