Care for Hair-On Leathers


Care for your HAIR-ON LEATHER by keeping it free of dust and direct sun, being mindful of the products you use on it, and following the guidelines here:

Hair-On leathers are leather that have been tanned and colored but the natural hair follicles have not been removed. 

  • Treat hair-on hides as aniline leather and clean accordingly. 
  • Light vacuum, in the direction of the hair to remove excess dirt or debris.
  • Blot spills with a very damp cloth with water only to remove any more stubborn spills with light pressure. 
  • Do not use strong force or friction as this pulls on the hair.
  • Allow the hide to air dry, do not use heat.

For more detailed information on care and cleaning of Hair-On Leathers see this guideline PDF:

For information on care and cleaning of all other leather types, see our general care page:

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