Care for Finished Leathers


Care for your FINISHED LEATHER by keeping it free of dust and direct sun, being mindful of the products you use on it, and following the guidelines here:

Finished leathers are aniline-dyed and then lightly enhanced with pigments for color uniformity. A clear top coat is applied for protection. These finishes are soft and breathable yet highly durable and help resist spotting, staining, and color fading.

  • Dust or vacuum leather surfaces weekly to remove light topical soil.
  • Blot spills immediately with a soft absorbent white cloth, then gently clean and condition.
  • Use a leather cleaner that has a pH of 4-6. 
  • Dampening a white cotton rag with approved leather cleaner or use The Leather Institute‚Äôs Finished Leather Cleaning Wipe. 
  • Never apply cleaner directly to the leather, always apply the cleaner to the leather using a cotton rag
  • Using moderate pressure, rub the leather in a circular motion to remove all cleaning agents, oils, soil, and other foreign substances from the leather
  • Allow no less than five minutes to air dry before continuing.
  • Complete a deeper clean with leather cleaner and then conditioner, twice yearly for upholstered pieces that receive moderate use and monthly for those that are used more often.

For more detailed information on care and cleaning of Finished Leathers see this guideline PDF: 

For Information on care and cleaning of all other leather types, see our general care page:

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