A decade of awards.

For the tenth year in a row, Townsend Leather has been recognized as a Top Work Place by the Times Union in all the Capital Region.

But not only that, Townsend Leather has also been recognized as a Top Work Place nationally, by USA Today!

We are proud and honored for this recognition. With the amount of focus and passion we put into our team, it is not completely surprising, but it is never taken for granted. We love what we do, who we do it for, and who we do it with. And we are glad to have the incredibleness of our team and who they are together to be shared across the region and across the country through these awards and publications.

But even on top of being named a Top Work Place for the Captial region and a Top Work Place across the US, we also were honored with a plethora of other awards.

Townsend Leather was recognized with special awards for

  • Purpose & Values
  • Work-Life Flexibility
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Innovation
  • and Leadership

And we were just notified we won a special award for Manufacturing after being compared to all the other manufacturing companies!

with even more special recognition with an award specifically for Townsend Leather President, Jared Eckler

The Times Union did a feature on Jared and his special valued leadership style.

At Townsend Leather, Jared Eckler is focused on the people

The recipient of Top Workplaces’ 2024 Leadership Award for midsize employers keeps the workplace informal, fun and personal

In talking to Townsend Leather about the award, Jared said,

“Each of you, your efforts, the ways in which you embody and enhance our values, and the way in which we work together – is what makes us appreciate this special community, bond, and walk we take together! Thank you for making us a Top Workplace, not just in your survey responses, but in creating it and living it every day! Congratulations team!”

With so many awards and so much recognition, it would be easy for us to lose sight of the value of each of these mentions and moments. But all of us at Townsend Leather take it to heart, we are proud to be Townsend.

We always look forward to the award ceremony and chose this year to make sure it was not just a leadership team that attended the intimate event but included two newer Townsend Leather Partners who already have been vocal and impactful at growing Townsend’s sense of culture and who we are even further.

We are honored and humbled and will continue to work at who we are, so we can continue to be recognized and help be a positive influence on the world around us.

For now, we celebrate! Congratulations Townsend!