Pride 2021

Love is love – show your love, in leather.

Townsend is and has always been a company that celebrates color, freedom of thoughts, personal expression, and inclusivity of all humans. We live in a diverse, multicultural world, where everyone should feel safe expressing themselves.

Life is more beautiful when love comes in many colors and this month we will be celebrating this in many ways.
Here’s to loving proudly and living colorfully ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ!


Show your love and pride in your designs with Townsend Leather, through our colorful standard product lines, our brand new Digital Print options, with specialty effect leathers, or even right on your device desktop.   
Some ways you can show your love and love your leather:

1) Browse a selection of Pride rainbow-inspired leather samples from our vast selection of standard products. 

Mesa Cowhide (MS), Color: Indian Paintbrush, L-MS-2235 Pebble Woven (WVP), Color: Indian Paintbrush, L-WVP-2235-IPB Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Kobe Red, L-GL-2365Expressions Cowhide (XP), Color: Saffron, Pattern: Plume, L-XP-2340-PL

Aniline Gaufrage Cowhide (GFA), Color: Deep Ruby, Pattern: Marrakech, L-GFA-2321-MA Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide (SG-BND), Color: Ruby, Pattern: Bond, L-SG-BND-2781 Manchester In-Stock Cowhide (MC), Color: Red Sangria, L-MC-2684 Serenato Suede Cowhide (SE), Color: Rubino, L-SE-2833

La Scala Damask by The Roger Thomas Collection (LAS-RT), Color: Opulent Orange, Pattern: La Scala Damask, L-LAS-RT-2957 Bellezza Cowhide (BL), Color: Tango, L-BL-4008 Corked Cowhide (CRK), Color: Grand Marnier, L-CRK-2224 Rhapsody Cowhide (RH), Color: Sahara Desert, L-RH-3267

Pinnacle Cowhide QuickShip (PN), Color: Cinnamon Spice, L-PN-4678 Bellezza Cowhide (BL), Color: Terracotta, L-BL-3257 Pebble Woven (WVP), Color: Hopi Blanket, L-WVP-2337-HPB Shimmering Suede Collection (SHS), Color: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Pattern: Brick Road, L-SHSBRD-9847

Heritage Cowhide (HT), Color: Wheat, L-HT-327 Leather Essentials Cowhide (LES), Color: Yellow Goldenrod, Pattern: New China, L-LES-4742-NC Toro Hair-on Cowhide (HOC), Color: Yellow Sun, L-HOC-4739 Taj Pearlized Cowhide (TJ), Color: Marigold, L-TJ-474

Duvel Rustica Cowhide (RST), Color: Bavarian Mustard, L-RST-4092 Shimmering Suede Collection (SHS), Color: Here Comes The Sun, Pattern: Helix Nebula, L-SHS-HEN-4152 Soft Suede Cowhide (SS), Color: Marigold, L-SS-4151 Fierce Fish Cowhide (FF), Color: Yellow Goldenrod, Pattern: Great White, L-FF-4742-GWS

Serenato Suede Cowhide (SE), Color: Smeraldo , L-SE-7440 Ancient Gaufrage Cowhide (GFN), Color: Cypress, Pattern: Moroccan, L-GFN-7721-MOR Galuchat Cowhide (GL), Color: Empress Jade, L-GL-7719 Stacy Garcia Trifecta Cowhide (SG-TF), Color: Mint, L-SG-TF-7306

Shimmering Suede Collection (SHS), Color: Deep Ocean Green, Pattern: Jewel Of The Sea, L-SHS-JWS-7241 Shimmering Suede Collection (SHS), Color: Ariel Green, Pattern: Mermaid Tail, SHS-MET-7730 Manchester In-Stock Cowhide (MC), Color: Emerald City, L-MC-7728 Paris Cowhide (PRS), Color: Peridot, L-PRS-7909

Stacy Garcia Resurfaced Cowhide (SG-RS), Color: Blue Willow, Pattern: Resurfaced, L-SG-RS-7329 Namaste Collection Raja Cowhide (RJA), Color: Stability, Pattern: Geowave, L-RJA-310-GW Expressions Cowhide in Medium Double Diamond Stitches (XP-XXXX-MDS), Color: Summer Nights Blue, Pattern: Medium Double Diamond Stitches, L-XP-8207-MDS Sticks & Stones Gaufrage Cowhide (GFA), Color: Jordan River, Pattern: Sticks & Stones, L-GFA-8649-SST

Ocean Treasures Shimmering Suede Collection (SHS), Color: Nautical Navy & Silver, Pattern: Anchors Aweigh, L-SHS-ANC-8627 Classic Cowhide (CL), Color: Dark Blue, L-CL-893 Antique Legends Cowhide (AL), Color: French Blue, L-AL-8937 Shimmering Suede Collection (SHS), Color: Navy Blue, Pattern: Houndstooth, L-SHS-HOU-8625

Leather Essentials Cowhide (LES), Color: Misty Rose, Pattern: Palm Leaf, L-LES-2050-PML Taj Pearlized Cowhide (TJ), Color: Carnation, L-TJ-207 Milano Serepente Cowhide (MIS), Color: Gelato, Pattern: Java Snake, L-MIS-5363-JS Shimmering Lambskin (SHL), Color: Viva Acuatico Pretty In Pink, L-SHL-RD-23290-0917


























































































2) Request a custom-curated Rainbow-inspired Townsend Leather Sample Set


3) Get an exclusive first-hand look at one of our newest leather offerings, Digitally Printed leather.  Printed with colorful Pride designs.  

4) Download a Pride-themed leather background image for your computer or mobile device.


Let us know the ways you celebrate Pride and share your colorful designs with us,