Best Place to Work 2020

From the Albany Business Review:

6 Best Places to Work wins

What’s something interesting about your company that most people don’t know?
Any celebrity with a private jet, any musician with a fancy tour RV, any jet-setter in a high-end hotel, any regular person with New Balance shoes is almost definitely touching leather on the seats or their feet that was hand-crafted by leather experts from Townsend Leather.

What are the biggest wins or accomplishments for your company over the past year?
The biggest win is that we have been able to not just maintain but to thrive through all of this. We had to shut down, we had to lay off some employees, we lost money and time …but we came back. We now have all our employees back, we are running at full capacity, we have new projects and new customers. We had team members suffer unreal challenges, but the rest of the team came together in support and lifted them up. We have not had anyone get sick and have found a sense of pride in our new cleaning practices, daily health assessments, temp checks, and all the many steps we are taking to keep everyone safe. It is not a chore to endure, but rather a point of pride and success.

The biggest win is that we have been able to see who we truly are. Who our team truly is, and the sight of it, through all the pain, uncertainty, and struggles was beautiful. Our team is care-filled, focused on each other, focused on building for the future — together. Last year with our 50th-anniversary celebrations and all the fun and excitement of opening a new building we got to see who we are at our best — fun, joyful, high-fiving, community-driven … This past year, we got to see who we are at our worst, and it was humbling and wonderful to see that we are a team that can withstand challenges, and in fact thrive through them with our family-like attitude of togetherness and heart.