Townsend Leather’s Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide

Townsend Leather’s Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide

Townsend Leather manufactures each Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide leather hide from start to finish, which means we control the process, the quality, and the environmental impact.


Townsend is passionate about creating a positive environmental impact.

It is important to us to craft products, like Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide, that create a positive environmental impact by being re-useable, repairable, long-lasting, and low-VOC. Each hide is made to the highest of quality and environmental standards with attention and care.

Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide starts as an inherently green product by removing something from the waste stream and transforming it into a reusable, repairable, highest-of-quality, long-lasting, beautiful product. No animal in Townsend Leather’s sourcing is taken for the hide; every hide that Townsend Leather uses is a by-product of meat production.

We have complete control over the production of Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide and are able to produce this leather without the use of any dangerous chromes.


Photographs of the Diep Sleep System by Euler Products featuring Townsend Leather’s, Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide.

Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide, being made of the finest leather in the world and with its luxurious pebble pattern, allows it to be supremely suitable to repair. Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide will last a lifetime because of its ability to be repaired and its ability to withstand aggressive cleaning and wear.