A Decade of Inspiration

For anyone looking for some inspiring books, TED Talks, or some pop culture things to check out, cultivated by Jared from last year and the past decade, check out his list from the end of ā€˜19:


Hey Partners,

Iā€™m no genius, but I sure know how to perspire (šŸ˜Š) and love to be inspired!!  Below is my annual list of favorite books and stuff that inspired me over the year as a special edition that includes my favorites from this past decade too. 

I hope you enjoy and find something that interests you, my library is always available to all and I am happy to buy copies of these books for anyone and/or host a Ted Talk from the list with your team!!

I wish everyone a Happy and inspired New Year and beyond! 
Looking forward to the journey we take together in the next decade!!

– Jared Eckler

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