Summer of 69

There’s maybe nothing better than celebrating fun times with fun people in unexpected ways, and that is what makes this silly video below, so great.

Townsend Partners took a few minutes at the end of summer this year, to rock out and have fun, in celebration of our founding year, 1969. We gathered as small groups of friends and air guitared, sang along, and blasted “Summer of ‘69” by Bryan Adams.

This was a crowdsourced video of handheld phone cameras across the company capturing fun moments of celebration and good times.  

We love what we do, who we do it for, and who we do it with – and taking a moment to have fun together and celebrate 50 incredible years was a delightful and memorable time.   See more about our 50th

Also, we thought it would be fun to win a sweet guitar for our ever-rockin’ President in this very cool promotion that the shipping company, DHL, is doing.  They are also celebrating their 50th anniversary and have teamed up with Bryan Adams himself! to find some incredible air-guitarers. 

Vote for Townsend’s video here: