Heritage, Excel, Classic

Classic leather is classic. But Heritage and Excel can be classic, too.

Townsend offers an incredible array of products. We can match any color, texture, sheen, design, embossing . . . Because of these seemingly limitless options, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to use for different applications, customers, and situations. Three of our top products are suitable for most needs, but sometimes, customers feel a little unclear about how these products compare and contrast to each other. So, we want to reintroduce you to some “old friends,” as we answer the question, What the HECK? (What’s the difference between Heritage, Excel, and Classic? Now you Know!)

Classic Cowhide (CL) Our most popular leather; is aniline-dyed cowhide with a natural smooth grain. We use a light calfskin-like finish on it that highlights its grain. Classic has super softness and durability. This is the leather you are probably most familiar with as it the Finished leather that is the least altered from its original condition. Because of this, there will be natural variation in grain texture within a hide. Classic tends to be to the go-to choice for many designers and with its super soft hand, nice natural grain character, and light calfskin-like finish, it is a very good choice indeed as the look is one desired by many end-users. However, there are two “buddies” of Classic that you can consider for similar applications as well.

Our Excel Cowhide (EX) is also an aniline-dyed cowhide. It has the same light finish as Classic and an outstanding wear performance, but it also features an enhanced pebbled grain that results in a superior cutting yield. Excel is a great choice if the customer you’re working with is concerned with uniformity of grain character throughout the leather and if they prefer a more consistent pebbled grain look to their leather.

Heritage Cowhide (HT) is again an aniline-dyed, Finished cowhide. It has a light pigmentation, providing a protective finish and high-wear performance. Its enhanced grain texture character and soft, comfortable hand create a most aesthetically-pleasing leather. The cutting yield with Heritage is excellent as well. Heritage and Excel are comparable to Classic in many ways. Because Townsend selects only the best quality hides for all of its leathers, whether it be Heritage, Excel, or Classic, we are able to maintain a light finish and minimal alterations to the hide. All three products have a pigmented finish for durability and are easily cleaned and maintained over time. Heritage and Excel do have an enhanced grain and this provides the ability to mask some imperfections or make less apparent some natural characteristics that would be more obvious in Aniline leathers and even in Classic. But just like our Classic leather, Heritage and Excel have the hand and drape associated with the highest quality full-grain leathers. The bonus is that they have added consistency and protection. Similar enhanced grain leathers in the market can often be stiff, boardy and vinyl-like in appearance. That is not the case with Townsend’s Classic, Heritage, or Excel leathers. We strive to keep all of our leathers as natural-feeling and looking as possible. 

Heritage and Excel are good options to keep in mind in addition to our Classic product. They are soft and beautiful with a light finish and luxurious feel. They are durable, have a great cutting yield, and are also aesthetically-pleasing to the eye and touch. And they can be more economical for projects that have a tight-er budget. So, go ahead and try out Heritage and Excel leathers for an upcoming project. Now that you know more about them, you can feel confident that these products provide beauty, durability, softness, and can be more cost-effective. Who could ask for more?!?! Shown here are furniture pieces upholstered in Excel leather, as de-signed by Sam Robin Interior Design of Miami, FL.