You’ve got a real nice pair!

Of colors that is.

Nothing makes your favorite color better than another color.  One of the most distinctive and memorable aspect of any design is the color choice.  You can completely change the feel and direction of a design through a thoughtful and effective color pairing.


Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide (PP), Color: Summer Sunrise, L-PP-4397-MSG Corked Cowhide (CRK), Color: Grand Marnier, L-CRK-02224

Certain color schemes are iconic and recognizable.

Bellezza Cowhide (BL), Color: Tango, L-BL-4008

Bellezza Cowhide (BL), Color: Deep Blue Sea, L-BL-8410

Others are more tonal and bring a sense of cohesiveness, bringing more attention to changes in texture or other aspects.

Fab Foils Embossed Cowhide (EFAB), Color: Bronze, Pattern: Ostrich, L-EFAB-3474-O

Antique Glaze Lambskin (AG), Color: Honey, L-AG-4355

Dull and stark white designs can suddenly be full of life and message when paired with the right “pop” color.

Antique Glaze Lambskin (AG), Color: Persimmon, L-AG-2269

WET Leather Mist Cowhide (WLM), Color: Seashell White, Pattern: Elk, L-WLM-9321-EL

And some schemes seem to work against each other, but somehow make it work.

Pebble Woven (WVP), Color: Ponderosa Pine, WVP-7819-PDPToro Hair-on Cowhide (HOC), Color: Yellow Sun, L-HOC-4739

What are your favorite pairs of colors?

Pairings (1280x866)

Pairings (1) (1280x979)