Townsend has had an extremely long and positive partnership with the experts and innovators at Bombardier.

Even after years of countless successes, exciting events, visits, and continuous communication, Townsend was especially proud to be honored with a special Bombardier status this past Friday.

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Jean-Luc Charland and Johanne Marquis took time from their very busy schedules to spend time at Townsend Leather presenting our team with a special VIP Inspection Status on behalf of Bombardier.

This honor comes to Townsend after years of successful partnership and extremely stringent quality standards.  Townsend inspectors and craftsmen have proven, without a doubt, their ability to produce and maintain the highest quality leather available.  Townsend is extremely proud of our team, especially our front line inspectors Mike and Kayla.

Townsend Bombardier VIP1 Townsend Bombardier VIP2

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