Longevity Luncheon 2014

Longevity Luncheon 2014

Townsend started this week off right! With a meaningful celebration.

We held our annual company-wide Longevity Luncheon, where we celebrate and honor employees’ years of dedicated service to Townsend Leather.

This year we celebrated 25 partners’ notable work anniversaries.  25 different employees celebrating anniversaries  ranging from 1 to 45 years at Townsend Leather!

So Many Smiling Faces

The day was filled with delicious food made from local ingredients provided by local companies, good conversation, and great company.  Many laughs were shared among the stories and notes of celebration.

What its all about_Hugs and Happiness

Each of the 25 partners, with notable work anniversaries in 2014, were given gifts and had some meaningful sentiments read aloud to the whole company about them and their significance at Townsend.

Townsend is proud of our team and owes so much to everyone’s years of dedicated service.  As was humorously pointed out at the luncheon, some of the Townsend veterans have been working, adding value, sharing wisdom, and making Townsend better – for longer than other employees have even been alive!  But when celebrating work anniversaries of a big group of 1 year employees, along with seasoned veterans of 40 years, the age difference is bound to be noticeable.  We know, though, this range of age, experience, and knowledge is what makes Townsend so strong.  Being able to bring so many ideas to the table, being able to learn so much from each other, and being able to be so flexible makes Townsend, and its people, the powerhouse it is.

Shaking the Hand of a Townsend Legend

Congratulations to all the partners that were honored at the luncheon.

We look forward to many more years together.