Even Healthier New Year

New year, greater health!

Townsend Leather is dedicated to an even healthier team.  We have a calendar full of health initiatives.  One of the most exciting is our team Weight Loss Challenge.  With at least 8 Teams competing (and more to come) Townsend is taking charge of our health in 2014.  In just the first week alone, Townsend had already collectively lost nearly 100 pounds!

Teams compete weekly to reduce overall weight percentage, but do so in health minded ways.  We are also learning each week with guest speakers ranging from body measurements to blood type diets.

Our winning team will win $, prizes, and a gym membership!  It really pays to lose!

We are also continuing our Fresh Fruit Fridays and will be having lots of other health workshops and events over the coming weeks.

Townsend is excitedly looking forward to a healthy and fun 2014.