Townsend Leather is 45 Years Old!

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (78)

Townsend Leather is 45

This past weekend Townsend Leather celebrated 45 years, in a big way!

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (80)

Townsend Leather had a 45th birthday blowout party on Saturday and it was a blast.  There was so much to do and see and so much fun to have, it went by in a blur.

The day opened with lots of conversation and more appetizers than you could fit on a plate!, and then the party was officially opened with some touching words by President, Jared.

Jared spoke to Townsend’s storied history and how it has led to the greatness of today.  Jared also spoke directly to the impact of Townsend Leather leader and legend, Terry Kucel.  Terry and Townsend Leather are synonymous with each other and because he has been here since the beginning, we also celebrated Terry’s 45 years of service, words, actions, and wisdom.

It is easy to be filled with pride, at being a Townsend Leather partner, when you see events like this.  It is not often you get to attend a party that is planned and organized by coworkers who are so powerfully passionate about creating such great memorable times.  And are more than willing to spend hours planning, preping, calling, organizing, setting up, and decorating.  But the passion for creating a great time isn’t only with the incredible Events Committee partners, it extends to everyone there.  Townsend has partners that are passionate about every thing you need to make a great party.  Like our in-house master carpenter quickly building a custom photo booth and games,  party-patrol-people getting horseshoe tournaments going, children and children-at-heart starting singalongs, even our very own President of Townsend is also the star DJ – “D-Ja-Rad” ,was spinning some slamming tunes all day and even included music from our very own  graphic designer and in-house rock star (Enertia, and on Facebook at Enertia Facebook)!

Passion is a word commonly associated with Townsend and it is always very prevalent and obvious at Townsend events like this one.  This is not just a collection of people, it is a family.  A family passionate about making memories, having good times, helping each other grow, and being there for each other.  A family passionate about understanding where we have been and whose shoulders we stand upon. And passionate about looking forward, keeping the good times coming and being excited about where we are going.

The day continued with spectacular food catered by the famous Dinosaur Bar-B-Que,
photo slideshows,
a guessing game that featured many celebrities and world famous places that Townsend has provided leather for,
pin-the-mustache-on-Steve game,
bigmouth-beanbag-toss with Jeff game,
polish horseshoe tournament,
a magician show,
cupcakes, prizes, gifts, stickers, chocolate, swings, merry-go-round, slides, music, balloon animals…

and even an in-house made photo booth!

It was a jam packed day of fun and memories!

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (82)

Jeff was happy to provide his “big mouth” for some fun with this beanbag game!

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (64)

Steve was a bit less happy to provide his face and iconic mustache (or rather lack there of!), but still willing to join the fun, with this wacky pin-the-mustache on Steve game!

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (35) - Copy

The magician not only kept all the kids enthralled, but the adults too!

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (26)

Always one to take a unique approach, Townsend went for a variety of beautiful cupcakes in place of a cake.

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (73)

With plenty of giveaways and prizes, no one had to go home empty handed.

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (69)

Probably the biggest hit of the day! our very own Townsend Leather photo booth, complete with Polaroid photos and a surplus of costumes!  The one with the black hair is the creator of this crowd please-er, thanks Roy for your fantastic work (and your hair looks great like that!)!

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (89)

The tradition continues, a Polish Horseshoe competition was hotly battled.

Townsend Leather 45th BDay Party 9_6_14 (86)

All the kids received a one-of-a-kind stunning balloon “animal” from Whizzy the Clown and magician.

The day was spectacularly fun and we are already looking forward to planning and attending our 50th!

See many more photos of all the fun by clicking on the images below…