Tools to Help Our Customers Help Their Customers

We work hard to make our customers happy and to make things easy for them.  One way we aim to please is by understanding our customer’s customers.

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This week, we are happily packing up a bunch of Classic Cowhide Sample Sets, with love and care and shipping them out to many Designer Customers.

Our customers will be able to use these curated, highly popular, Townsend product selections in presentations to their customers and make the decision process even easier.

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These sets feature some of our most popular leathers.  They are selected and arranged to provide a sophisticated neutral color range.

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IMG_4957 (1280x837)

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Townsend loves hearing from our customers about what they need to make their jobs easier.  We want to get you the right tools to make sure your customers are as informed as possible.

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Contact us to let us know how we can make your job easier for you.  We also strive to provide as many useful tools and information as we can on our Resources Page, where you will find a variety of pdfs, presentations and other info pieces.

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