For the LOVE of Leather, Reason 8 - The Smell

another reason we LOVE leather.

Today’s reason,
“I love the smell of leather.”


There are air fresheners that are made just to recreate the smell of leather… but no imitation compares to the scent of genuine leather. It is inimitable, evokes memories and positive feelings, and connects us to nature. No other textile is known for its own distinctive scent or can provide the same experience for the senses that leather can.

Arguably, one of the most popular reasons to LOVE leather, the smell.  It is the thing most visitors say first when they walk into Townsend Leather.   It is unmistakable, un-copy-able, and unbelievable.   Smell is said to be the sense that can provoke the most powerful memories, and it is leather provoking those memories, they are always good ones!



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