NBAA 2014!

NBAA, the world’s largest aviation event and one of the largest trade-shows in all of the US, is just around the corner and we are enthusiastically tending to final touches, to make this one of our best and most interesting shows yet!

2014 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition | Oct. 21-23, 2014 - Orlando, FL

The NBAA show is a highlight for us every year.  It is such a great time to get face to face with some of our beloved customers and let everyone get their hands on some the exciting new (and sometimes, more-than-new – secretive sneak peaks!) leathers we have been crafting.

This year we have been hard at work listening to customers desires, getting ahead of design trends, and doing a lot of R&D to create a few new selections.

We have just recently launched three new leather collections.  You may have even seen them around, but at NBAA you will be able to get your hands right on them and take home samples.

Townsend Leather Corked Cowhide (2) (1280x929)One of the most exciting featured collections is our Coked Cowhide.  This spirited new leather is stunning with its unique non-directional embossing pattern, that resembles a wine cork, and it’s selection of pop colors.  Its popularity has already allowed it to be chosen as a finalist for the Interior Design Best of Year in the Hospitality: Textiles category.

We will also be showcasing the subtle sophisticated beauty of our Softina Cowhide.  This is a true leather-lovers leather.  Supremely soft and made from the best of the best possible hides.

Softina CowhideFifth Avenue AD2 (876x1280)Fifth Avenue Cowhide is another featured new collection.  As a companion scheme to our Softina, but with proprietary glaze finish that gives it a luxurious luster.


But that’s not all!  We have launched those three new collections but we have a couple other selections to showcase this year as well.  You’ll have to stop by our booth #1050 to see everything, but here is a sneak peak…


Townsend Leathers Great Grains

Something for everyone, especially the discerning designer who knows every detail they are looking for – our Great Grains selection.  A grain for every taste from subtle and natural to big and bold, in some of our most popular aircraft interior colors, there is something for everyone.

Townsend Leathers Pops Of Color






POP!  Looking to grab attention, make a statement, leave an impression?  Our Pops of Color compilation is for you!  A variety of products in an eye-poping color range.  These colors will make your designs really sing!

Townsend Leathers Shades of Grey




But maybe you like something a bit more discrete, something a little more ‘in the shadows’?  Our Shades of Grey collection is sultry and mysterious with its variety of products and textures all in a sensual range of popular grey tones.




Of course we won’t be alone.  Townsend Leather has friends all over the world and travels with an entourage.  We will be joined of course, by the experts and powerhouses of their respective fields – in leather care, cleaning, maintenance, and restoration – The Leather Institute, and in bespoke, premium design, and passion filled quality driven aviation upholstery – Studio Vizto.

If you are around the beautiful sunny Orlando area October 21-24, make sure to stop by Townsend Leather’s NBAA booth #1050 to see all the excitement we have in store!

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