Holiday Luncheon 2013

After some minor food logistic mishaps, our Holiday Luncheon kicked off with lots of laughs and good times.

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Holiday Luncheon 2013 (2)

It always impresses that the team that puts these events on are able to pull everything together so wonderfully so quickly.  They are magicians who know how to please, and can pull off impress tricks like turning this        into             this…

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We all got to enjoy an extended lunch with an abundance of food, good memories, and good company.  We spent time reflecting on the past year, watching photos from all the big Townsend moments.  And enjoyed celebrating the many successes from the past year, with big milestones, new employees, new machines, new processes, new products, and lots of fun.

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As anyone and any company, Townsend has its share of peaks and valleys throughout 2013, but spent the time today sharing in the brotherhood and team that Townsend is.  And we were each proud to be a part of this team that honors each other and works so hard to hold each other up.

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We had plenty of food and plenty of good conversation.

We even had a Cookie Bake-Off competition.

Holiday Luncheon 2013 (1)

But the winners of the Cookie Bake-Off weren’t the only winners of the day, we also had a bunch of raffles with winners receiving gift cards and lottery baskets.

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Holiday Luncheon 2013 (4)

We even had (what may turn out to be a new Townsend holiday tradition) our first Pizza Raffle!   A few very lucky individuals didn’t have to cook dinner last night after taking home a delicious pizza!

Holiday Luncheon 2013 (6)

But the highlight of every Holiday luncheon is hearing the heartfelt words of wisdom and insight shared by our fearless and tireless president.  Jared spoke of some highlights of the past year, shared touching stories and accounts of the partners we will see retire at the end of this year, and he also spoke of the positive outlook for 2014 and all the ways we can make our team even stronger.

2014 is going to usher in a lot of new things at Townsend and we are, now, all feeling ready and hyped up to meet this new year running.

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We look forward to charging into this new year along with you.