Out on the floor...

As anyone in any business probably knows, every person and every department is as important as the next in creating greatness.

We at Townsend Leather know and value the entire process of pre-production to post-production.

Our feature today ventures on into the post-production world.  A department that is highly critical to Townsend’s success and valued for its first hand knowledge and exploration of Townsend’s very high standards of quality… our QC Department.

Using a variety of specialized machinery the expert technicians really put our leather to the test, literally.  They test for a wide range of attributes including wear and flammability.

Special ovens, UV booths, flamebooths, and an assortment of contraptions regulate and document every leather order to the highest of specifications.

However, the QC Lab is not exclusively a post-production department.  We take all of the continuous findings and insights of the QC department very seriously and are continuously improving our product and processes based on those findings.

Thanks for joining us on this journey “Out on the floor”.