Modern Retro / Retro Modern - Either way you look at it, new looks inspired by the oldies

Whether its by way of memories or pop-culture induced imaginings; conjuring up wavy-gravy images of lounging in a wood paneled basement, listening to records on big ear-enveloping headphones, while sitting next to a leather “bumper” wrapped home bar – brings a relaxed, groovy, smile to your face.


We wanted to take this groovy feeling and build some leather options around it, but with our own Modern twist to it.

The Rec Room

A new offering from Townsend Leather, what we are calling our, “Rec Room” series.
Taking some classic retro looks & feels and reinterpreting them for modern day.

The Rec Room Series

And these aren’t just inspired by retro looks – they are the real deal.  Townsend Leather has an unparalleled embossing library and most of the patterns chosen for The Rec Room series are actual embossing rolls made in the 60’s and 70’s.  They aren’t retro-looking patterns, they are a step back in time to the actual patterns of the day.


You can see this 60’s/70’s, Retro-with-Modern-Flare trend influencing all kinds of things in the fashion and design worlds.

From the growing popularity of Instagram and its weathered photo look (take a look at this Instagram desktop search site: SearchInstagram), to the interior design influence of retro/modern interiors, to current fashion with mixes of patterns and dangly accessories.

Psychedelic Squares

This is a series of leather that you can use to bring a bit of nostalgia and a bit of whimsy to your projects, while still maintaining a modern sensibility.

Disco Fever

These leathers are hand-crafted on supple lambskin, but can be reinterpreted for cowhide.  And as always we can customize to suit your needs, use the Rec Room series as a starting point, as inspiration, a jump-off to add your own Modern Retro twist to a project.

Contact us at  for more information on The Rec Room series.

Feelin’ Groovy!