Lace Weave Votes - Last Call!

There is still a bit more time to get your vote in for Townsend Leather’s Lace Weave Gaufrage Leather as a contender for Interior Design’s Best of the Year awards.

You can read more about the Best of Year at Interior Design’s BOY site, and more about our Lace Weave at our sample page, and in a previous post here.

This is a product Townsend is really proud of, with a great design sensibility that is flexible enough to fit many applications and designs.  It has gained a following with our customers for its unique look and feel.  And not just with hospitality interiors, but aircraft as well.

AIN Online just wrote about Townsend’s Lace Weave, AIN Online Lace Weave and calls it a “perfect idea”.

Share your love of Townsend Leather and of the Lace Weave product and get your ID BOY vote in today!

Lace Weave6 (1280x853)