Grrl Power!

Monday August 27th, was Women’s Equality Day in honor of the day that Women were finally granted the right to vote.  It’s hard to believe this only happened less than 100 years ago!

In honor of how far Women’s Rights have come, we wanted to share a few interesting articles we have come across that point to the power, influence, and intelligence of women.  Especially in the broad field of design and related industries.

Townsend Women
Shown here: a few of the experts of Townsend Leather. This post features a couple images of just a few of the vastly intelligent and inspiring women that keep Townsend moving each day, during a spur of the moment meeting this morning.

The ever impressive Gensler Associate, Rashana Zaklit, wrote an insightful piece for HD’s HD Talk Blog.  You can see it here, Rashana Zaklit / HD

Rashana brings up great points on the importance of understanding the needs of everyone using your space, your design, your creation – whatever it is.  Anytime you are looking at only one sect, you are out of balance.  When you consider everyone and each varying need you are closer to the goal of true equality.

The Next Women Magazine has a series of articles covering a broad range of Female power and abilities.  You can see all the greatness in their Female Heroes Series / The Next Women Magazine

And coincidentally Fast Company recently posted a list of its top 25 Smartest Women on Twitter, one of which is Simone Brummelhuis, Founder and CEO of The Next Women Magazine.  You should check out the list and follow them all, there is a lot of genius being spread by that little blue bird.

Fast Company also recently highlighted the humorous and poignant slideshow work of Terri Oda, as she helps to explain why math is NOT just a “boys game”  That post is followed by equally valuable articles covering all kinds of female/design industry challenges and insights.

Townsend Women4

Also, you can take a view inside the life of one of the most inspiring creative women we have come across, Tina Roth Eisenberg through the fantastic lens of the Like Knows Like team. Tina is the founder of the always pleasing design-centric blog, Swiss-Miss, but she also has a line of beautifully illustrated temporary tattoos, and most inspiringly she established the now global, Creative Mornings – which has to be viewed to be appreciated (or go to the blog for more info and video clips,

Townsend Women3

It is especially meaningful to celebrate the significance (even in our very small way) of Women’s Equality, here at Townsend Leather; as Johnstown New York – home of Townsend Leather, is also home to the “Birthplace of equal rights for women” by being the birthplace of one of the most influential women for the cause, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  You can see more about Ms. Stanton and Johnstown’s role on equal rights for women here,

And to close this post, we end on a quote from the White House Blog from yesterday, regarding Women’s Equality Day, “On this Women’s Equality Day, we honor those who fought tirelessly for a woman’s right to vote, but we know that there is much more work to do.
Let us keep marching forward together.”

Townsend Women2